Merry Christmas! - News & Updates

Hello & Merry Christmas!

December was a great month for us. We have signed a PR deal which begins this week starting with our first Irish national air-play on Christmas Day.
Today Fm will be the first to air our single '7 Days' which was an itunes release in August but is to be officially released in January to coincide with the promotional campaign.

Over the past week we filmed a video and also had a photoshoot. Shot in some interesting conditions to say the least.. we were just short of needing wellington boots for some of the outdoor photos! It was cold doing all the standing around but we had plenty of good craic and a few pints at the end of it to warm up again! Stills of the video footage can be seen at

In the new year Mailing-list members will have access to an exclusive video clip we recorded over the couple of days so pass on the word to anyone who is not on the list yet but you think should be!! They can sign up at the home page of

The new year promises to be a very exciting one for us and after the hard work it will be very pleasing to share our music with you with a second single and album ready to go!

Thanks for your continued support, have a safe and enjoyable Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

All @ Rezlow

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