Rezlow Bio

Rezlow, a five piece band featuring musicians from Kerry and Dublin, Ireland, formed in 2008, and take their influences across a wide range of musical genres. The band describes their sound as melodic-acoustic and alternative rock.

In 2008, looking at expanding their musical direction and strengthening the lyrical content of their music, Rezlow was formed. A chance meeting with Dublin singer-songwriter Terry Sutton gave them an early opportunity to explore this new musical direction

Barry McCarthy, Brendan, Cillian & Conor O’Regan have been playing in bands since their early teenage years, touring the live-music circuit in Southern Ireland and also playing a number of showcase gigs in London.

Their initial collaboration saw Terry put lyrics to the band’s three-song demo, featuring 'From Here', 'Run Riot' & 'Red Flag'. The success of this first step encouraged the band to return to the studio and record a full-length 11-song album ‘From Here’.